Fun Yoga for Kids

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Do you find the kids bored during the class?

Do the kids seem too hyper or too low and tired?

Do the kids seem over worked mentally?

If these all applies t the kids in your class, then i have an important and fun tool for you in this course to learn.

Animal yoga is an imitation of animals in the yoga poses, while we engage the kids to act out the sound of the animal or the nature of the animal.

This bring controlled laughter and fun tot he class, while the kids spend their time constructively.

These exercises can be done anywhere, as partly standing and sitting as well.

It is recommended to be the first 5 minutes of the class or the closing 5 minutes of the class, or anytime you find the kids with low focus or being too hyper.

These exercises bring the fun and refreshing element for the brain and the body, so the ids can focus better.

Your disciplining problems in the class will disappear as the kids behavior get more calmer and focused.

These exercises are great for any age, and even adults, and workplace even for executives for team-building.

Enjoy the 5-minute-mini break and feel the refreshing experience. Yes if children learn to stop and stretch and breath during the day, they will get a better performance out of their days and as adults will keep these healthy habits, and likely avoiding smoking addictions.

What are the requirements?

  • Being a little fit and keen to exercise

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 15 lectures and 37 mins of content!
  • Learn to refresh the kids focus so they can study easier
  • Learn to have fun in the classroom while spending constructive time
  • Learn a simple effective method to stop disciplining issues in the class
  • Make your class room work easier by bringing exercise for the kids
  • The benefit for the kids: they are able to sit through the class, they refresh their mind and body during the day and in between classes, Have fun and laugh to release tension
  • Helps the kids to connect with nature and understand their position on the world

What is the target audience?

  • Classroom teachers
  • Kinder garden teachers
  • Yoga teachers
  • Any teacher and lecturer who like to bring fun and refreshing element to the classroom to help the students study more effectively
  • Mothers and parents, grand parents who like to exercise with the kids in a fun way
  • HR managers who like to bring some fun and easy exercise to the work place
  • Corporate trainers who like to bring some light exercise and fun element to their trainings
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