Make a Unity 2D Physics Game

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Unity is very powerful game development software but also can be very overwhelming! I know, because I tried using it probably a dozen times, giving up in disgust each time.

But the last time I looked into it I discovered the secret to getting over the learning curve, and I created this course so you can skip the pain that comes from banging your head against the computer screen.

This short course is designed for people who are complete beginners with Unity but who want to get started with 2D game development. These videos will guide you through the steps needed to create physics-based “bouncing and sliding” demos that can then be expanded into games if you continue with your Unity experimentation.

You will:

  • Put sprites (graphic images) on the screen.
  • Discover the basics of physics-based 2D games with Unity.
  • Understand components such as colliders and rigidbodys.
  • See how to use sorting layers to control the sprites.
  • Make prefabs (prefabricated game objects) from your sprites and reuse them in new scenes.
  • Create a bouncing and sliding demo without any coding!

All you need is the desire to create your own 2D video game, a copy of the Unity software (it’s free!), and this course to get started. Don’t know how to program in Javascript or C#? No problem, because you’ll be working with visual game objects and no coding is required to be successful with this course!

The videos in this course are broken into short pieces and guide you through every step. You don’t need previous programming or game development experience to be successful with this course.

The free version of the Unity software can be used with this course so there’s nothing holding you back from finally discovering the secret to getting started making your own 2D games using Unity.

Jump in and get started today!

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